Kale Nutrition And What It Can Do For You

Kale nutrition is up there with the best of them.  According to many nutritionists, it is one of  the most nutritious green leafy vegetables you could eat, it is regarded as another super food.

The benefits of kale, will provide you with two very important antioxidants, beta carotene and vitamins C.  Both of these vitamins are good for fighting ageing and helping to fight aging.

Beta carotene is converted in the body into vitamin A, which you need for healthy skin.  If you are deficient in this particular vitamin your skin could end up dry and flaky.

Iron is another important vitamin found in this green leafy vegetable as well, yet, because iron is not so easily absorbed from plant sources, it is a good idea to eat it with vegetables rich in vitamin C, such as; capsicums, spinach and  tomatoes.  

Vitamin C is important when it comes to helping the body absorb iron.

Other vitamins found in kale are; folate, vitamin K, E, B6 and calcium, in fact, of all the vegetables kale is the richest in calcium.

And let’s not forget about the dietary fibre this amazing vegetable offers, which is wonderful in promoting good digestion.

So what is kale?  I hear you ask, well it is a member of the cabbage family, and can also be known as collard or curly kale, and has been around for over 2000 years.  In fact, did you know that in Scotland many kitchens had a ‘kail pot’ for cooking.

kale nutrition Kale Nutrition And What It Can Do For You

Kale nutrition contains compounds called indoles, which are fantastic for helping your liver health, which in turn will help breakdown and eliminate high levels of the female hormone oestrogen.  You don’t want high levels of this hormone, as it is responsible for hormone dependent cancers like, breast cancer.

Including more vegetables into your diet is important for your health and eating something different like the benefits of kale, which contain indoles, will help to increase your testosterone levels.

Kale also makes a wonderful fat fighting food, and can be included into your diet as a great food to help burn abdominal fat.  It is low in calories, and high in minerals and vitamins.

There are many ways to enjoy kale; it can be chopped up and eaten raw in a salad, added to soups or  sautéed.

When buy kale, always look for fresh and avoid wiltered or yellow looking bunches, and make sure it is dark green in colour.

Kale juice is very popular, and is especially good for people who have a history of cancer, heart disease or osteoporosis.  Juicing kale is another great way of including it into your diet.

If you you like your juices, you can add kale to just about anything, oranges, beetroot, celery, apples, the list is endless.

Kale nutrition is a great way of keeping you looking younger and staying healthier.

 Kale Nutrition And What It Can Do For You

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