Health Benefits Of Garlic For Wrinkles

The health benefits of garlic are quite amazing, this little bulb, which belongs to the onion family is full of vitamins and minerals.

I just love cooking with garlic, it is great in pasta sauces.

My partner is Italian, and he just loves his garlic.

There are so many garlic health benefits to be had when you include it into your diet, that is of course, assuming you like the taste.   I have a friend who wont eat anything that has garlic in it or on it.

The benefits of garlic are best when ingested raw, when cooked garlic does lose some of its nutritional value.  Yet, I still struggle with trying to eat a piece of raw garlic.  

For now I will just stick to cooking with it.

On the plus side, if you do intent eating a couple of garlic bulbs a day, they contain virtually no calories or fat.

Even though garlic has a fantastic reputation for medicinal uses, there are some side effects of garlic to be had, if consumed in large doses such as; heartburn, gas, diarrhea and vomiting.

If you suffer from acne, you may want to avoid eating garlic as it may cause a reaction.

health-benefits-of-garlicYou can use it on your face externally, to help with any spots and blemishes. It can be used as a face mask to give you beautiful clear skin and keep you looking younger.  Now this is how I prefer to use garlic, if i’m not cooking it.

Just peel, grate and using a spoon, mash the garlic into a paste and apply to your face and leave for a few min. Wash off with warm water.  

Sometimes I put a garlic mask on my daughters face, as she is at that age where spots and blemishes are happening.


Garlic contains antioxidant properties, making it great for anti aging.

If you eat 2 to 3 garlic cloves a day, you may help get rid of wrinkles and give you clear skin.  It will help increase your circulation and blood flow, I just wish I could eat it.

It can help cure the common cold, lower high cholesterol, may prevent heart disease, and may help increase weight  for babies still in the womb, if there is a risk for low birth weight.  Although I make no medical claims.

Garlic contains anti fungul, anti bacterial and anti viral properties, which is why it is so good for helping with many health problems.

Garlic contains vitamin C, vitamin B6 and thiamin (B1).

Garlic offers a natural solution for nail fungus, just peel a bulb, mash it up and rub it into your nail. 

Taking garlic internally and using it externally, has shown great results in helping eradicate this prolific nail problem.  I know this, because I suffered from nail fungus and I used garlic on my nails to help.

The health benefits of garlic are certainly hailed as a treatment for many ailments, but it can interfere with some medications.  You will need to check with your doctor first, if you are intending to include garlic into your diet.

There are garlic supplements available, if you would like to enjoy the benefits of garlic without eating a garlic bulb.

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