Benefits Of Goji Berries And Do They Improve Your Health

 Benefits Of Goji Berries And Do They Improve Your Health

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I have to admit, I had fallen into the goji berry (wolfberry) trap of believing these little dried berries, could do amazing things for my health.

Goji berries are small little reddish/orange shrivelled things that have been hailed as a ‘superfood’.

You will find goji berries being sold everywhere from the local supermarket, health food shop, and I even came across a woman selling goji juice at a Melbourne ‘Mind Body and Spirit’ festival one year when I was there.

They are reported to offer a lot of health benefits, if you eat a small amount each day.  The recommended amount of goji berries to eat is around 10 to 30 grams which is the amount necessary for a healthy liver and looking younger.

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When I first heard about goji berries I couldn’t wait to buy some, in fact I even bought half a dozen bottles of goji berry juice, that’s how impressed I was by the whole thing.  To me, this berry was the answer to not only giving me perfect health, but also keeping me looking and feeling good.

It’s amazing what lengths a person will go to and what you want to believe.


The many claims it can do for you range from, suppressing your appetite, controlling food cravings and blood sugar, lower cholesterol, strengthen immune system and promote healthy liver and kidney.

They contain 19 amino acids, the ones your body actually needs and wants.goji berries 300x199 Benefits Of Goji Berries And Do They Improve Your Health

More vitamin C than oranges, Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, betaine (a nutrient that plays an important role in the health of cardiovascular system), B Complex, more iron than steak and more beta carotene than carrots.

A good source of chromium, a mineral that aids in blood sugar control, will promote an efficient metabolism and help prevent weight gain.

In fact, I have read many articles on this berry being able to do so much for the body, it is a wonder we don’t distribute it to the poorer countries and end world hunger.

And not only end world hunger, everyone who eats them, will never have a health problem or disease every again!  We wouldn’t need hospitals or a health care system, amazing.

Having been one of these people who ate the goji berry religiously for a couple of years, I still can’t say that it did any of the things it is claimed to do.  But then again, I didn’t have a health problem like for instance, respiratory infection, which by the way is a problem the goji berry can apparently fix.

If you do have respiratory infection, no energy, or chronic dry cough etc and eating the berry or drinking goji berry juice has helped you, I would love to hear from you.

As for the weight claims this berry can fix, being of mature age, I can easily gain weight around my hips and stomach and eating the goji berry every day did little to help in this area.

Another important fact about the goji berry is the amount of scientific evidence to prove it can do all it claims, well I couldn’t find any, except for a few studies done on mice.


Already being the kind of person who looks after one’s self, it is very hard for me to say whether or not the berry or juice made any difference to my health.

Apart from liking the taste of the berry and the goji berry juice I might add is delicious and expensive, I am not really sure it is something you need to rush out the door to buy.

Us unsuspecting Westerners are so gullible and want to believe so much that we are eating or drinking something, which is going to help make us stronger and healthier and along the way be looking younger and live longer.

And even if the benefits of goji berries actually increased a person’s life span, would I really want to live to 100 anyway?

I have no doubt that eating goji berries every day will do you some good health wise, especially if you are not doing much else in the way of healthy eating.

I did along the way find this great article from the Sydney Morning Herald Blog, and I couldn’t stop laughing, because it just made so much sense to me.

Who ever came up with the idea that this berry is from the Tibet and the Himalayas certainly had the marketing side worked out.

After I read the article I pretty much gave up my search on scientific evidence and just went with what I had always believed, that the berry wasn’t making that much of a difference to me, and considering it isn’t cheap to buy all the time, I would stop buying the goji berry.

Also, you have to be aware of where you are buying goji berries from as many brands can have little black spots and mould spots on them.

The goji berry has actually been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and are grown in Northern China.

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  1. quibila Says:
    June 30th, 2011 at

    Great information. Goji berries are also a good choice when it comes to protecting the liver and kidneys.One of the primary benefits of goji berries is that they help in boosting the immune system and help us stay healthy for longer.