Looking Younger How To Beat It Naturally

We live in a youth obsessed society, where looking younger is something many women want to hang onto, and many others will go to extreme lengths to achieve.

Why?  Because in today’s world, youthfulness is admired, it is pushed everywhere you look, and the older a woman gets, the more she can feel invisible.

It makes sense to some women, not all, to try to hang onto what once was, and make it once again!

The aging population is continually bombarded, with various ways growing older can be fixed, it can be stopped. And so we trudge forth, constantly looking and pondering at what’s on offer, in which looking younger can be obtained.

Who usually benefits from this in the end?  Well, those selling the products, selling the ways to look younger. The participant, you and I, normally find ourselves, right back where we started from, looking for ways to slow down aging.

Reversing Aging Unnaturally

You only have to look at celebrities like Donatella Versace, Jocelyn Wildenstien, the late Joan Rivers and Priscella Presley. Women who have all gone down the plastic surgery road, to obtain the youthful looks of yesteryear. Only to end up looking a lot stranger and sader for the effort.

These women are a true example, of how pushing the boundaries, can go horribly wrong, when it comes to trying to look younger through superficial means. 

The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself.


One thing we do know for sure, you cannot cheat the aging process, it will catch up with you, eventually. The elusive fountain of youth, can be something you chase for the rest of your life, sending you around and around in circles, or something you accept and work with.

Looking younger, slowing down the aging process is certainly achievable, without wasting time on the latest techniques, constantly trying to find the best facial products.

Don’t fight it, aging is not the enemy, it can be a friend and once embraced this way, you can work with it, to bring out the very best in you.
looking younger

You can look years younger by including one very important ingredient, how you think about yourself.  This is the answer to looking younger, to being able to turn back the clock.  Yes, it really is this simple.

How you deal with growing older is a very personal journey for each of us. When you look in the mirror and discover lines which were not there yesterday, can be quite confronting.  Growing older may be the inevitable, but you or I don’t have to look our age.

Looking younger can be achieved, you can have beautiful, healthy smooth skin, shiny, healthy hair.  You can have it all, just by looking after yourself, and the beauty is, it does not need to cost you a fortune.

You don’t need to put your body through agonising procedures, to be better, then you are right now. Because who you are right now, is the perfect version of you.

3 Easy Steps To Looking Younger

The first step – Stop looking at yourself and criticising what you see. Look at yourself and appreciate who you are, and feel within yourself how young you look. Every time you see your reflection, tell yourself how great you look, how you are looking younger and younger every day.

It may not seem as though this kind of self talk will work, but it really does.  I have been telling myself for years that I look younger every day, and I do.

Second step to take –  Looking younger can be done by eating healthy natural food. This is really a no brainer, what you put in your body, will reflect this on the outside.

Avoid eating sugar as much as you can, sugar is like a drug, not only can you crave for it, it will age you very quickly. 

Third step –  Always use organic natural products on your skin. It is a fact, another no brainer, what you put on your skin makes all the difference.  

The skin is very porous, it is like a sponge and chemicals which can be found in most of the highly marketed products being sold today for looking younger, end up inside your body.  

These chemicals, many of which have not been tested on humans, are capable of causing health problems and aging your skin.

Retaining youthful looks, isn’t about having a perfect body and perfect skin, it is about looking after yourself, and enjoying the process.

How fast we age, is affected by a number of things, poor diet, environment, genetics, smoking, too much alcohol, yo yo dieting and not exercising.

Growing Older Looking Younger

Being in your 40’s and 50’s today is now a much more inspiring and sexy time for women.

It is a time to enjoy, a time for spiritual growth, a look within rather than out and having a better understanding of yourself, and in turn you will look younger, it really is this easy.

You can make the journey to looking younger a lot more complicated than what it needs to be, that is up to you!

When you enjoy the journey, it not only becomes easy, you show the world a beautiful woman growing older gracefully, a woman who looks after herself.

Take supplements, take as many supplements as you like, I take a big handful in the mornings with my breakfast. Eat healthy food, avoiding junk food as much as possible, getting enough sleep, always applying sunblock to your face and hands, living without stress, joining a gym or taking the time for lots of walking.

Meditating if this is your thing, finding something you enjoy to do, finding the time to relax, finding time to discover who you really are.

Satisfaction from looking after yourself, instead of it being a chore. If you are on a diet and not enjoying it then stop, stop punishing yourself.  

The more you begin to love yourself, the more you will see your constant dieting is not helping, if anything, it is speeding up the aging process.

If your digestion is sluggish, this is usually the case when we have been neglecting ourselves, try drinking ginger tea, make some bone broth.  There is no end to the natural alternatives, for a younger looking you.

We are in a time where looking younger is the norm, not the exception.

Enjoy the occasional glass of wine, did you know that a glass of red wine actually helps the body burn fat? This is of course combined with healthy eating and exercising.

To all us women who are now entering another faze of our lives, instead of looking at trashy magazines, (which are a waste of money) of all these wrinkle free, fresh faced young women.

Know there are ways you too can look just as good, if not better, and along the way, feel good about yourself and you will be looking younger, without even trying.

I am a woman in her 50’s and I take pride in the fact, I look younger for my age, and I tell myself this every day. 

Remember, it is all in the mind, what your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.  Who said that? Oh yeah, Napoleon Hill, well he got that right!

Growing younger everyday is in your imagination, don’t be afraid, take a peak, imagine and believe.

You will slow down aging and be looking younger, naturally, the way it is supposed to happen.


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